About Get a Kite

How does Get a Kite work?

You are searching for a special Kite or Kiteboard? And you are tired of searching through all the different websites with kiteboarding stuff on the internet? Then Get a Kite is the right choice for you. Get a Kite is a meta search engine to find the exact equipment matching your needs. Our database is updated daily.

What can you find with Get a Kite?

Like the name says you can find Kites. Additionally you can find the perfect board for your kite. And it is not enough, you can find also a Kitebar, Harness or an impact vest.

Why Did we create Get a Kite?

We were tried for searching the different marketplaces for the ONE AND ONLY kite. Our thought was: That should be easier. So we created Get a Kite for everyone who is searching for the spcial kite for the next time on the water.

Who are we?

We are all kiters who found this sport not that long ago.